Your only problem will be...

Not Wanting To Get Out of Bed.

We apologize ahead of time for this.


Handcrafted To Last

Because a lot of love and life can happen in bed.

We Make Mattresses Differently.

Harbor Springs Mattress Co.® is a purveyor of the finest sleep on handmade beds and box springs because we hand-tuft, use all-natural fibers, and craft with passion.

We are proud and maybe even a bit stubborn about quality over quantity.

To make an exceptional mattress we build with artisan hand-tufting to innersprings because it provides the most enduring support.  We are one of the few companies left in the United States that still hand-tuft.  

We know it is unusual, but we want you to love your mattress for decades. This guides everything we do.

Proudly Made in Northern michigan

All-Natural Mattresses Handcrafted To Last

Made differently for the best possible sleep.

Explore our most loved luxury mattresses.

The Trillium

Our newest most luxurious design yet. Fifteen generous layers of natural fibers that cacoon you in softness with surpising and uncompromising support.

The Bed Of Roses

Our well-loved signature mattress, the Bed of Roses is like sleeping on a cloud that knows just where to support you.

Our Difference Is In The Details.

Mattress making is not complicated. There are only a few ingredients.
However, the details make all the difference in the world to how well you sleep and how long your mattress will last.

hand drawn icon of hand holding a tufting needle.

Handcrafted To Order

Unlike other brands, your mattress will not come from a warehouse. It will be made fresh just for you.

Hand drawn icon of a tufting needle and tufting rosette.

Artisan Hand-Tufted

The most luxurious and time-honored method of crafting mattresses with longevity.

Hand drawn icon represented a two-sided mattress

Two-Sided Mattress

We only make a two-sided mattress so you can flip, rotate and love your bed twice as long.

Natural & Organic Fibers

Breathable comfort from Mother Nature's finest materials for sleep.

Natural & Organic

Breathe Easier and Sleep Healthy on Natural Fibers

organic & sustainable

Natural Fibers

We believe that where you sleep should not have harmful chemicals or off-gas. Our materials are Mother Nature's finest for sleep and comfort. We want you to breathe easy and fall asleep peacefully on pure cotton, natural latex from tree sap and made in Michigan wool. Our natural and organic materials are not only healthier for you, they are stronger and more durable than synthetic materials. This allows you to enjoy your bed twice as long.


Sleep Love

Sleeping healthier, means waking up better.


Designed To Last

We want you to love your mattress for years, even decades to come. We source the finest materials and use artisan hand-tufting to innersprings to create lasting comfort and the finest quality. No other construction method will give the luxurious comfort or the longevity that our inner and outer hand-tufting provides.

Craftsman hand sewing a luxury mattress in the workshop of Harbor Springs Mattress Co. in Harbor Springs, Michigan.
Harbor Springs, MI

Made in Michigan

Good music plays in our workshop in Harbor Springs, Michigan, while our craftsmen take their time to hand-build our mattresses.  We refuse to call our workshop a factory.  Instead, we only craft a handful of mattresses a day.

The time we take translates into lasting luxury and better sleep. Come visit and see how much care we put into every mattress. Workshop tours are always welcome.

We are proud and maybe even a bit stubborn about our focus on quality over quantity.

We take care of the details, so you never have to.

Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews
WE LOVE OUR MATTRESS. Thank you! Thank you! You’re a back saver. We have told all of our friends here in Grosse Ile about your mattresses and some have purchased also.
— Bud and Cathy Goddater, Grosse Ile, MI. Verified Buyer
Pic of bedroom from positive customer review for Harbor Springs Mattress Company.
Bed of Roses Mattress, Queen, Soft
Customer Reviews
“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! We have never slept better!” “Those are the words that we often hear when guests are checking out of our hotels
— David Marven, Staffords Hospitality, Verified Buyer
Moonbeam Mattress, Soft & Semi-Firm
Customer Reviews
I LOVE my Harbor Springs Mattress bed, and also sleep well knowing there is no toxic off-gassing.
— Kristy Fisher-McMahonn, Rochester, MI., Verified Buyer
Harbor Light Mattress, King Size, Semi-Firm
Three mattress showrooms in Michigan

Our Stores

We have three mattress stores in Michigan. Explore all of our handmade, all-natural mattresses in Rochester, Traverse City, and Harbor Springs, Michigan. Our Harbor Springs store is our flagship and where all of our mattresses are made. Sliding glass doors open up from the store into our workshop where you can see and hear our craftsmen at work handcrafting each mattress one by one.

Our Story

Our story begins with walking away to do better. Read how Harbor Springs Mattress Co.® started with a leap of faith 20 years ago.