The Moonbeam Enduring Comfort

All-Natural, Hand-Tufted

The Moon Beam Mattress

A Dependable Friend With Enduring Support.


The Moonbeam mattress is an all-natural, affordable luxury sleep.  This bed is what so many guests at hospitality Inns and boutiques in Michigan rave about.  The Moon Beam is the finest luxury economy mattress you will find. Hand-tufted comfort, affordable, and with a 25-year warranty, this mattress is great value for those just starting out, children's rooms, and guest and cottage rooms.

Details To Love

-Made in Harbor Springs, Michigan in our handcrafted workshop with slow attention to detail at every step for the finest quality.

-25-Year Warranty

-Our double artisan hand-tufted method means your mattress is made with the world’s most time-honored construction for luxury and longevity. 

-The Moonbeam is 9" deep


A hardworking hand-tufted innerspring mattress crafted with alternating layers of natural Dunlop latex ,and the softest, unbleached cotton. Our natural fibers give you a healthy, breathable bed free of toxins and chemicals.


Hand-delivered by our craftsmen anywhere in the state of Michigan.  Delivery is also available out of state.  Please inquire about our of state delivery options.


Since 2004, we’ve done business differently, choosing the right way—not the easy way–at every turn.  We choose to hand-tuft because it makes the longest-lasting mattress which not only increases value, but also reduces landfill waste by minimizing consumer purchasing and disposal.  We only make a two-sided mattress for this very reason.  We choose materials that are as natural or organic as possible.  All of our materials (except our latex which can not be grown in the USA) is grown and/or manufactured in the United States which reduces our carbon footprint.


Inside The Moonbeam

The  Moonbeam mattress boasts hand-tufted, two-sided construction with alternating layers of unbleached cotton and natural Dunlop latex.  Our mirrored construction means that each side is identical around our strong innerspring at the heart of the mattress. You will not find a more supportive or longer-lasting mattress than our Moonbeam.

Man hand-tufting a natural and organic luxury mattress in the workshop of Harbor Springs Mattress Co..

Hand Needle-Tufted

Our old-world technique dates back to the 17th century and is a testament to our commitment to durability and longevity. The Moonbeam is crafted to last 25 years.

cotton bolls in a basket on display in the storefront of Harbor Springs Mattress Company in Traverse City.

All Natural Fibers

The journey of Harbor Springs Mattress Company’s natural sleep begins in the forest and on farms.  All of our main materials come from naturally farmed fibers. Our materials are selected for their purity, longevity, and their sleep enhancing properties.

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