Crafted Differently For Better Sleep.

All-Natural Mattresses

Painstakingly Handcrafted to Last

A small collection of perfection.


Our most affordable, all-natural, two-sided mattresses handcrafted to last.

From $1,550

  • 7 layers of natural comfort
  • Hand-tufed craftsmanship
  • Mattress is 9" deep
  • Resilient innerspring support
  • Two-sided longevity
  • All-natural materials
  • 25-year warranty
  • 365 day comfort trial

Bed of Roses

Our signature, all-natural, luxury innerspring mattress.

From $3,100

  • 11-layers of natural comfort
  • Inner & outer hand-tufted
  • Mattress is 13" deep
  • Resilient innersprings support
  • Two-sided longvity
  • All-natural materials
  • 25-year warranty
  • 365 day comfort trial


Our newest and most decadent design yet! An all-natural, and organic supremely luxurious mattress.

from $3,750

  • 15-layers of all-natural comfort
  • Inner & Outer hand-tufted
  • Mattress is 15" deep
  • Resileint innerspring support
  • Removable topper with micro-coils
  • All-natural & organic materials
  • 25-year warranty on mattress & box spring
  • 365 comfort trial

Harbor Light

The height of luxury with hand-tufted, uncompromising innerspring support.

From $4,880

  • 15-layers of natural comfort
  • Inner & outer hand-tufted
  • Not available in twin Size
  • Mattress is 15" deep
  • Resilient innerspring suppot
  • All-natural materials
  • 25-year warranty
  • 365 comfort trial


Pure, all-natural latex mattress.

from $2,480

  • Our only non-innerspring mattress
  • Natural latex and wool construction
  • Mattress is 13" Deep
  • Two-sided longevity
  • All-natural materials
  • Suitable for adjustable bases
  • 10-year warranty

Every Mattress is Crafted with

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The difference between a mattress factory and a handcrafted workshop like ours is simple: we do not mass-produce.

When you make every mattress one at a time, by hand, the quality is night and day compared to other brands. We like being smaller and different on purpose. You will feel the quality from the moment you lay on one of our beds. What you might not notice, but may appreciate is the atmosphere in which your bed is made. We take our time. And while we take our handcrafted process very seriously, there is always time to laugh, smile and feel good about how we do things.