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Would recommend to family and friends

We bought our semi-firm Moon Beam almost a year ago. The entire process was great, including the visit to the TC store, the customer service, the delivery and best of all a quality mattress. I also appreciate that along with the beautiful all natural, locally made mattresses they have mattress protectors with the option of organic cotton or natural wool. I think one of the highest complements you can give a business is a recommendation to family and friends. We definitely have recommended Harbor Springs Mattress to our family and friends.

Bed of roses

Best bed ever.
I have had 7 back surgery’s and now have a bed I can sleep in.
Bought our bed about 3 years ago and still love it. Tried all those other beds out there and none are even close to this bed. Quality is number 1 with this company.
The factory was awesome and to see how they make them was great. Everyone was so friendly and you could tell they take pride in their work.
I love the 25 year warranty. Who does that anymore. I guess only people that really stand behind there product. Our daughter and her husband came into the store as we were leaving and checked out what we were telling them while we were there looking and bought a bed of roses the same day we did and they love theirs also.

Bed of Roses

I purchased the Bed of Roses and it is definitely the best and most restful sleep of any mattress I have ever had. I wake up feeling wonderful! I loved the shopping experience in Traverse City too. The store is in a wonderful location and the salesperson was very informative and helpful without any pressure to purchase. These mattresses don't need a high pressure sales pitch because they are so wonderful they sell themselves. I am so happy that I decided to purchase Harbor Springs mattresses!

My guest will never leave!

I bought the Moon Beam for my guest room; it is important to me that my family and friends have a feeling of luxury and elegance when staying with me and I am so happy to provide it with the Moon Beam from Harbor Springs!

The Bed of Roses
Leah Owens
Bed of Roses

We have had our bed of roses for four months now. We love it and are very happy with our decision to buy it!


We had just bought a new (very expensive) mattress from a popular mainstream mattress company 10 months prior, so we were not mattress shopping. However, we walked into the beautiful Harbor Springs Mattress Co. Traverse City store while we were window shopping on vacation. The sales rep Pam was so welcoming, and immediately understood our concerns as we explained that our new mattress (as well as our previous mattress) was very expensive, and was already matting down in our sleeping spots like "canoes". Pam explained why this happens with today's mainstream mattress foams and glues. After a thorough set of questions, Pam led us to the Bed of Roses and we immediately could feel the difference! It feels like sleeping on a light airy cloud that is hugging you.
We have had the mattress 4 months now and LOVE IT!! The quality, workmanship, and materials on this mattress are far superior to any other mattress we have owned. We know there will be zero issues with sagging or "canoeing" in our new mattress, she is built to LAST! I also am sensitive to many of the off-gassing/odors new mattresses have, and with our Bed of Roses I slept on it the very first night with ease, no chemical odors, and no issues at all!! This is such a comfortable quality mattress and topper that can be flipped, fluffed and rotated. The fabric, hand tufting, sewing and detail in this mattress is just unbelievable. The Harbor Springs staff, owners, and delivery people were all so kind, helpful and excellent to work with. Their comfort guarantee is amazing, and something I have not seen in any other mattress company. I highly recommend Harbor Springs Mattress!! You will not be disappointed!!

The Bed of Roses
Doug Peterson
Valentine Roses

Roses are red, bed sheets are blue
We purchased a Bed of Roses from you
When our heads hit the pillow we feel brand new
Our minds are refreshed and our bodies are too.
Thank you for making our mattress filled with love
We will sleep on it all our life through.
Doug and Jean Peterson

Heavenly sleep

I absolutely love my mattress the Harbor Light! I love how we were able to customize it with the bed of roses design material on the outside. It truly is a comforting feeling knowing all the materials are natural and of the highest quality. We are on year three of enjoying such peaceful sleep. Anytime my husband and I go out of town we always say we can't wait to get home to our own bed. Truly a phenomenal company who take such pride and craftmanship in their mattresses. Thank you for all you do! You have gained a forever customer. Next year we will Be looking to purchase a custom mattress and will be coming to you. Five Stars!

Luxurious and Absolutely Dreamy Comfort!

I was looking for a mattress and searched all the big box/retail stores in the area was very disappointed in the selections. None of them provided the comfort I wanted......that is until I walked into the Harbor Springs Mattress Company in Traverse City and immediately FELL in LOVE with the Trillium! The beauty of the mattress is absolutely outstanding and the comfort is what sold me on this mattress. That it is made in Michigan with expert craftsman and natural fibers all make the mattress even more special. I am looking forward to many, many years of wonderful and luxurious sleep on the Trillium!

The Bed of Roses
LuAnn Lauf
Love our Bed of Roses

My friends raved about their Bed of Roses. After much research and a visit to Harbor Springs, I purchased this mattress as a retirement gift to myself and am very pleased. We've had it for seven months and I would highly recommend Bed of Roses. Workmanship, comfort, warranty, and customer service cannot be matched. Armen was amazing to work with!

The Bed of Roses
Mary Fronczak
Extremely Pleased

I purchased a Bed of Roses mattress from Harbor Springs Mattress Co. and could not be more pleased. The saleswoman was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and went out of her way to make sure I would be satisfied with my purchase. Sleeping on this mattress is like sleeping on a big puff, yet it gives my back the support it needs so I don't wake up with lower back pain. I have recommended Harbor Springs Mattress Co. to my friends and family. Yes, you pay a bit more than you would for another mattress, but you are getting exceptional quality and, with proper care and maintenance, you can count on many years of comfortable sleep.

Sleeping on a Moonbeam

I bought our Moonbeam mattress from the Traverse City store almost two years ago. It was a great pleasure to be in the store, able to try out several different options, and to ask questions about which might be the best for us (I like a very firm mattress that doesn't feel hard). I love the Moonbeam. I love that it is made locally--in fact, the person who delivered it said he also works in the factory!
My only comment would be that I wish there were handles sewn on the sides. I am a small person and it is difficult for me to lift this double mattress while putting on a fitted sheet.

The Harbor Light
Jennifer Joppich
Harbor Lights

Our mattress is our favorite piece of furniture in our home. Our salesman, Rick, was very knowledgeable and helped us pick the perfect mattress for us. We couldn’t be happier.

Moon Beam Mattress

Great mattress! After shopping our we decided to visit the Harbor Springs store and really liked what we saw with the natural materials, and craftsmanship plus the guarantee! You can't beat the guarantee! 20 years is just unheard of and a company making that guarantee that's been around a long time and actually supplies some of the local hotels too! Their delivery service was awesome, considering we live 1.5 hours away! We had to wait a reasonable amount of time considering they hand make every mattress to your specification!


If I could give this more stars I would!! An amazing mattress and worth every penny. I live in Colorado so bought this mattress based off of reviews alone without ever even seeing it in person. I have had the mattress for over 6 months now and let me tell ya the people on the reviews are not lying! It gives you the perfect amount of support where you need it (spine, shoulders, sacrum) but still maintains the softness. The products used and craftsmanship are next level. They also have a 20 year mattress warranty. That's unheard of today! It shows how much they believe and stand by their products. In today's cheap and disposable society they are producing products that are meant to last a lifetime. That's hard to find now. I would buy all my future mattresses from them easily. Another moment that made me smile (besides laying on this beautiful majestic mattress from the heavens every night) is when I called the store to check on the process of my order a guy named Zach answered the phone and said he just got done making my mattress that day!! How freakin'cool is that - to know the labor behind the products you're purchasing. They have a very friendly and down to earth team from the moment I placed the order until delivery. Very grateful for this slice of heaven.

The Bed of Roses
Lisa Morgan
These mattress are the best.

Thrilled with my Bed of Roses purchase, the store and service. I bought my King size mattress set about 4 or 5 yrs ago. Helped my back issues tremendously. I sleep better on it with the great support.
Visiting the store I was greeted and welcomed, shown the different types and how they are made and sampled some out. They custom made my mattress, delivered it and took away the old set. This set will last a long time. Couldn't be happier.

The Bed of Roses
Margaret Crabtree
Best mattress ever! Bought Bed of Roses and we have not one single regret! Best ever!

It’s been YEARS now since we’ve had our mattress. Maybe almost ten now? It’s still like new! They made it so well and with no chemicals or garbage in it! It’s been SO helpful for my back and full body chronic pain issues.

I remember being so worried - we were going on mattress #4 or #5 by the time we discovered Harbor Springs - and still I had so much pain that was worsened by these other bad mattresses. But we took a leap of faith on our Bed of Roses (and many trips to the showroom) and we have absolutely zero regrets!

From the time this mattress came home it’s been pure relief! I hope I never have to buy any other makers mattress; and ours is still literally looking and feeling like new so it’s not even time to update it with Harbor Springs which is something this company offers! We barely move and still we have no dents! That’s amazing.

Thank you Rory and Harbor Springs mattress everyone! I tell anyone and everyone how much we love our bed from you!

Bed of Roses

Purchased the queen Bed of Roses fall of 2022. Only slept in it a couple times because we were in FL for winter, but we slept well! I have a very bad back, and love my bed, it supports me in softness with cushiony wool. Delivery was white glove, the guys took their shoes off and were very professional and careful of my walls and furniture bringing a queen size mattress up stairs and through rooms. Thank you for the quality you put in your mattresses, my husband and I searched for a couple months on the computer and found no top selling mattress to compare. Sylvia Brossard

I will never buy a mattress from anywhere else!

I purchased my Queen-sized Bed of Roses 3 years ago and have experienced the best sleep of my life! I have since purchased another mattress to share my love of quality sleep with my family and guests in my home. I love everything about this company, from the family ownership and history of the business, to the "slow craftsmanship" philosophy and the use of natural, sustainable fibers, to the unbelievable warranty. From one proud Detroit native to another in Northern Michigan, thank you for your creativity and ingenuity - your passion shines through in the unsurpassed quality of your product!!

Looking forward to years of great sleep

Just received our Bed of Roses mattress last week. Love the materials, the fact that is Michigan made and the improved sleep I have been having. Took a few nights to get used to since our previous bed had a very thick topper, but I am no longer waking up with back pain.
Love the warranty and look forward to years of great sleep.

The Harbor Light & Bed of Roses

I purchased these mattress for myself and as a house warming gift for my son in spring of 2022. I've had multiple mattress over the past 7 years trying to find something comfortable. Finally the Harbor Lights with a pillow topper fit what I was looking for - a good nights sleep. Supportive yet soft enough for a quality night sleep for both myself and my husband. Very high quality and feels good to lay on something that is all natural made by a local small company. My son's loved his Bed of Rose's mattress as well! I hope to upgrade all the beds in our home with a Harbor Spring's mattress in the near future. Highly recommended!

The Bed of Roses
Love my Bed of Roses

Our son referred us to Harbor Springs Mattress Company because we were always complaining about our awful mattress. We visited the Harbor Springs location and had amazing service to select our perfect mattress. We absolutely love it. It's the perfect firmness (kind of like Goldilocks is going for) and looks good too! A definite winner! Thank you!

The Bed of Roses
Mary Margaret Berger
Dream Sleep 😴

I discovered the incredible quality , and total comfort of The Harbor Springs Bed of Roses !! I finally invested in one this summer and couldn’t be more thrilled with the Mattress, from Sales to Delivery 📦 from Harbor Springs ! Made in Michigan with the 25 year quality guarantee.. one of my best decisions ever !!

Custom Mattresses
Neecy Rohrs
Special mattress

We needed a special mattress for our fourth generation Jenny Lind 3/4 bed. It was a different size because of the age of the bed. Dar was very helpful in guiding us from the measurements to the ordering. We are very pleased with the service and environment.

The Bed of Roses
Bed Of Roses

We visited the Harbor Springs store for my birthday last year. The owner spent alot of time with us, even a tour of there assembly room where they build the mattresses. Best birthday investment ever! We love our Harbor Springs bed of roses.

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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Awesome Bed! Made just the way we like it. They did such a nice job for our house we had them make one for our boat. We now have the luxury of sleeping on a Harbor Springs Mattress in the house and on the boat. We have never slept better. Plus, they really want you to be happy. Too hard or too soft? They will come back pick it up and make it just right! You are the best!
— Mike and Linda Bartosh, Petoskey, Mi, Verified Buyer
Harbor Light Mattress, King, Soft
Customer reviews
“Best mattress ever. Have recommended often!”
— Kurt Wietzke, Petoskey, Verified Buyer
Front view of the Bed of Roses, luxury, all-natural and organic mattress
Bed Of Roses, Semi-Firm
Customer reviews
What a great buying experience! From being greeted warmly, to the non-pushy sales pitch, to prompt delivery, and mostly – a terrific bed! – an absolute delight! We’ll recommend you! Sincerely,
— Nick and Diane Dakins, Verified Buyer
Side view of Bed of Roses, luxury natural and organic mattress.
Bed of Roses Mattress, King, Soft

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