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Our Mattresses

What makes our mattresses different?

Our mattresses are made with artisan hand-tufted construction for longevity, support, and comfort. We use all-natural fibers with no off-gassing, chemicals, or volatile organic compounds. The mattresses are handcrafted one at a time with precision to detail and quality you will feel immediately. Backed by our 25-year warranty and a free comfort adjustment in the first year, you can depend on our craftsmanship to deliver you the finest mattress possible so that you can sleep comfortably for a long, long time to come.

Soft or Semi-firm? How to decide?

We understand that sometimes it can be hard to choose a comfort level.  To help you understand more about comfort levels, it might be helpful to distinguish between support and comfort.  Support comes from our innerspring deep inside the mattress and it is what keeps your spine in alignment.  All of our mattresses are extremely supportive because we compress our innerspring and hand-drive tufting ribbons through the fibers to hold that compression in place.  This compression comes up to meet your body with support.  A hand-tufted mattress will feel a bit firmer out of the gate than a hybrid or memory foam type of mattress. 

Comfort, on the other hand, is how the mattress feels in terms of softness or firmness. Our comfort comes from our natural material layers of cotton, wool, and latex. Comfort is a personal preference. Both of our soft and semi-firm mattresses provide excellent support. We often say with our mattresses you can choose your comfort level based on your comfort preference and not worry about support because it is so built into our design and construction.  Our soft mattresses provide soft, luxurious support and our semi-firm mattresses are slightly firmer in their feel while still distinctly luxurious.  If possible, trying out our mattresses in one of our showrooms is the best way to pick a comfort level that feels good for you.  All of our mattresses are available in soft or semi-firm.  We offer a comfort adjustment in the first year of ownership for a 15% fee of the current retails price of the mattress chosen.

Will my mattress soften over time?

No. Our mattress will firm up ever so slightly over the first year due to the natural loft or air in the cotton and wool fibers. This is normal in a natural fiber mattress and we account for this.

Mattress Care

How to care for my mattress?

Your new Harbor Springs Mattress Co. bed is made of the finest natural materials. These materials require
a bit of care in the first year. Follow these simple instructions to properly care for your mattress and in turn, your bed will care for you and your health for many years to come.

When you first receive your mattress the wool and cotton will be very lofty. In a short time, you will notice
that where you sleep flattens slightly as the air has left the natural fibers. This is expected and allows the
mattress to reach its intended "set point". You may notice that the rest of the mattress is still lofty. This is not a body impression, it just means we have to bring the rest of the mattress evenly to its "set point". To help your mattress settle evenly, we recommend napping, snuggling, and playing in the center of your mattress.
This is especially important on King mattresses because of the extra width. Once you flip your mattress, it will be brand new and the care instructions above should be repeated. After a year, the mattress will reach its intended "set point" and will lovingly support you from this "set point" for years and years to come.

Should I flip and rotate my mattress?

Yes! To properly care for your mattress it should be flipped and rotated regularily. Watch our video below to see how.

How often should I flip and rotate my mattress?

To best protect your investment, we recommend the following: King Mattresses - flip one to three
months after the inital purchase, then every six months. Rotate every other month. Queen Mattresses & Smaller - after initial set up, flip in one to three months then every eight months to a year. Rotate at least every three months. The softer the mattress firmness, the sooner they should be flipped or rotated. It may be helpful to follow the seasons.

Should I use a mattress protector?

Yes. You will want to protect your mattress from unwanted spills and accidents. We recommend choosing a mattress protector that is natural and breathable to not bury the benefits of sleeping on natural fibers.

How to support my mattress?

It is very important to properly support your mattress to ensure its quality and longevity. Your mattress
should be on a sturdy frame with plenty of support and slats. On Queen and King frames there should also be center support extending to the floor. On wood frames we recommend at least three center supports going to the floor; one at the shoulder, one at the hip area, and one between the feet and knee area.

How to clean my mattress?

Your mattress can be vacuumed with an upholstery attachment. To clean stains we recommend gently
blotting with white cotton or towels and using Shout with distilled water. We strongly recommend a breathable, natural mattress protector.


What does made-to-order mean?

Made to order means that we make your mattress for you alone. Your mattress will begin being made after you place your order. With something you intimately spend so much time on, it is good to know that it is made fresh for you rather than coming out of a warehouse. Don't be afraid, handmade to order just means a little longer lead time.

When will I receive my mattress?

Once you place your order with us, your mattress will be delivered anywhere in Michigan within 5-6 weeks. We work hard to fulfill this timeline. Because we make everything ourselves and source as close to home as possible, we rarely have delivery delays.

Customers outside of Michigan should call our store to discuss shipping out-of-state timelines.

Do you offer financing?

Yes.  We offer Synchrony Financing to our customers upon request. Enjoy paying monthly or choose to pay later for the sleep you want now.

Delivery and Shipping

We send our craftsmen on delivery rotations so they never lose touch with why they are taking their time with every stitch and step of our handcrafted process. We believe there is something special about making something with your own hands and delivering it yourself into people's homes.

What is your delivery policy?

Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know that our fulfillment team has received your order. Once your order is fulfilled, you will receive an email notification along with a phone call from our Production Manager to arrange delivery details and to make sure you or someone can be home to receive your new mattress.

Do you ship out of state?

Yes. We ship all over the United States. Please call us to discuss our shipping out-of-state options.

What are your delivery fees?

The cost of delivery varies depending on where you live in Michigan or out-of-state. 

In Michigan, we send two craftsmen from Harbor Springs to the delivery destination and back which covers gas & labor expenses. 

Please see our shipping & Delivery Page for more information on fees per region.

Warranty & Comfort Guarantee

What is your warranty?

Our warranty covers any problem in workmanship or material defects and is not prorated. Our high standard of craftsmanship is granted and valid for 25 years from the date of purchase with the Harbor Springs Mattress Company label properly attached to the mattress. The warranty is not transferable and is valid only for the original owner, with proof of purchase.

Exclusions include damage due to misuse, willful or accidental damage & neglect. Damage due to soiled or unsanitary conditions.

What is your Comfort Guarantee

We get it, it is hard to know if you want a soft or semi-firm mattress without sleeping on your bed for a while. Harbor Springs Mattress offers a no-cost comfort adjustment in the first year of your ownership. A comfort adjustment is when we change a mattress's comfort level from soft to semi-firm or vice versa. This is our commitment to you loving your bed for a very, very long time.

How do you make a comfort adjustment?

A comfort adjustment happens when we pick up your mattress, bring it back to our workshop, open it up and replace the natural latex with either a softer or firmer latex. We then re-tuft the mattress using firmer or more gentle tension depending on the desired adjustment. We can adjust the comfort level on all of our mattresses except our Cozy mattress.

How do I request a comfort adjustment?

Please reach out to us through email or phone to make a comfort adjustment request.

How do I submit a warranty claim?

We are not perfect, but we try very hard to be as close as possible. If you believe you may be experiencing a warranty issue, please reach out to us by phone or email right away. We do not take warranty claims lightly. Very little can go wrong with a Harbor Springs Mattress Co. bed, but if it does, we want to take care of it as soon as possible.

How to flip and rotate your mattress?

In this video our craftsman demonstrate how to flip and rotate your mattress. Sometimes following the seasons is the easiest way to remember to flip and rotate your mattess.

We take pride in putting trust back into the sleep industry. Reach out with any questions and we will respond quickly. We are a family-run company so there is a good chance you will speak with one of the owners or a craftsman.

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