Handcrafted Differently. Comfort That Lasts.

Our Only Secret is Old Fashion Craftsmanship.

Old world craftsmanship is key in every step of our mattress making.  From start to finish in our Harbor Springs, Michigan workshop good music plays while our craftsman take their time to hand-cut, hand-layer, hand-tuft and hand-sew.  Our craftsmanship and the finest natural materials result in the best possible sleep for as long as possible.

Made Only To Order

We start making your mattress only after you place your order.  With Harbor Springs Mattress Co., you will always know the bed you are sleeping on did not come from sitting in a warehouse. Rather, it will be made fresh just for you and you alone.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

At Harbor Springs Mattress Company, we went in the opposite direction of mass production.  Each mattress is hand built with an impressive innerspring unit.  Layers of pure cotton, wool and natural latex are first hand cut, then hand-tufted to the innerspring while the springs are compressed.  Additional natural comfort layers are again cut and  hand-tufted with a second compression.  Each mattress is then lovingly encased with hand sewn luxury fabrics and the final hand-tufting is completed with the softest wool rosettes.

Hand-tufting is the Heart of our Craftsmanship

What Is Hand-Tufting?

Hand-tufting anchors mattress layers by driving a long needle and tufting straps all the way through the mattress at regular intervals.

True to the lost art of hand-tufting, our method involves compressing the inner spring unit of the mattress and hand-tufting the layers so they hold both the fibers and the tension of the innerspring in place.  Each side of our mattresses receive an inner-tufting (deep in the first layers) and an outer-tufting over the fabric cover.

 The final tufting is completed with soft wool rosettes.

It is a true labor of love!

Why Hand-Tufting Creates Better Sleep

icon image of a needle going into a mattress to show how hand-tufted mattress as comfortable.

Increased Comfort

When mattress layers form tight pockets from hand-tufting the comfort is greatly enhanced.  These pockets give a signature wave like effect across the surface of the mattress that evens out to perfectly support you when laid upon.

icon image of a hand-tufted mattress with a weight on it to show how supportive hand-tufted mattresses are.

Longer Durability

Hand-tufting prevents wear and tear by keeping layers in place eliminating any sagging or shifting.  It also evenly distributes weight.  No other method of mattress making provides this level of longevity.

icon image of a mattress with springs to show innerspring support on a mattress made by Harbor Springs Mattress Co.

Better Support

Hand-tufting to a compressed innerspring results in outstanding support that is responsive and resilient.  Once you’ve slept on a hand-tufted bed your back will not want anything else.

icon image of a leaf on mattress to show all-natural and organic mattress materials

Healthier Sleep

Securing our natural mattress layers with tufting straps removes the need to use toxic glues that other methods must employ. Glues disolve over time, whereas tufting straps and tufting threads are incredibly strong and durable.

Icon image of a mattress with up and down arrows to show inner and outer hand-tufting on a mattress.

More Than Surface

Our traditional hand-tufting is vastly different from machine tufting which only gives a padded or quilted surface effect. Our craftsmen individually pull together and compress our layers, first on the inside core of the mattress and then again on the outside of the mattress. We pay attention to the details so you will never have to.

icon image of a mattress with a moon to show the right comfort level of a Harbor Springs Mattress Co. bed.

Just The Right Feel

The luxurious feel and comfort level of a Harbor Springs Mattress Co. bed is perfected by tuft depth and tension. You can rest easily knowing we provide a free comfort adjustment.

Harbor Springs Mattress Co. is proud to be one of the few companies left in the USA who still hand-tuft.

Luxurious Innerspring Support

Why Innersprings Are Our Silent Work Horse.

Body Contour Performance

Our double-tempered, hand-assembled springs are made with alternating turn coil construction which create the distinctive, luxurious feel unique to innerspring technology.  Smooth-acting coil hinge points allow independent action creating unequalled body-contour conformance.

Adaptive Support

Unlike mattresses made with only foam, our inner spring mattresses can react to body weight, shape and movement with increasing firmness. Initially, the coils respond with supple, gentle comfort, then adjust with increasing firmness, providing proper support as weight is applied. Strategic placement of coil gauge, density and spacing provide firm support in the area where 70% of sleeping person’s body weight is concentrated.

Better Sleeping For Two

While we are big fans of snuggling in bed, we know a great bed should not force the matter when sleep is at hand.  The alternating right and left turn coil design of our innerspring distribute weight for a balanced sleep surface that eliminates roll together and partner disturbance.

The Soul Of The Mattress

At Harbor Springs Mattress Company,  we often say our beds are alive.  When we say this, we are really expressing our belief that a great mattress should move with you a little and support you as you move. These movements that give “life” to our mattresses and are expertly crafted to perfection. They are just right.  This level of support simply cannot be found in beds made only with foam or foam latex.

Real Box Springs

Not a box without springs.

How Our Box Springs Enhance Sleep

More than a Platform

The truth is real box springs are becoming less common. Many bed companies sell a platform without box springs inside.  Without box springs your mattress will wear out quicker.  At Harbor Springs Mattress Co., we want you to enjoy the quality of our craftsmanship for decades to come.

Double The Support

Box springs support both your mattress and your body.  Your body receives double the support with our mattress and box spring set.

Improved Performance

Our box springs are carefully crafted using heavy 9 gauge steel springs.  We build the strongest box springs in the industry because we give the longest warranty.