The Bed of Roses

Our iconic signature—uniquely supportive & ultra-comfortable with all-natural fibers.


Nature’s finest fibers join with our artisan hand-tufted technique to create a luxurious, comfortable mattress focused on longevity. The Bed of Roses is breathable soft comfort that knows just where to support you. Trusted by thousands of families in Michigan, The Bed of Roses is our well-loved signature.

What Makes This Mattress Different?

You’ll feel the difference immediately: our innerspring technology with inner and outer hand-tufted support provides the most luxurious feel possible. We use all-natural fibers and each of the 42 needle tufts are painstakingly done by hand. Sleep is raised to decadence on our finely crafted Bed of Roses mattress.

  • All-natural fibers mean healthier sleep that is safe and hypoallergenic.
  • Made with cotton, natural latex, and 9 Lbs. of wool means you will sleep cool.
  • Two-sided: you can flip and rotate your mattress so you’ll love it—twice as long.
  • A 25-year warranty means we 100% stand behind every mattress we craft.
  • Mattress Height: 13 inches.
Details To Love

-Made in Harbor Springs, Michigan in our handcrafted workshop with slow attention to detail at every step for the highest quality.

-Our extra cotton lumbar layer—deep inside the mattress, specifically placed where the heaviest part of the pelvic bones rest—means your mattress will not take a body impression and your back will love us.

-Our double artisan hand-tufted method means your mattress is made with the world’s most time-honored construction for luxury and longevity. 


Bed of Roses

11-Layer Inner & Outer Hand-tufted, Two-Sided Perfection

4 lbs of temperature-regulating all-natural wool

1” Pressure-relieving natural latex layer

1” Breathable cotton comfort layer

1” Pressure-relieving natural latex layer

1” Breathable cotton comfort layer

Resilient hand-tufted, compressed 13.5 gauge innerspring with full perimeter edge supporting our hand-tufted center.

1” Breathable cotton comfort layer

1” Pressure-relieving natural latex layer

1” Breathable cotton comfort layer

1” Pressure-relieving natural latex layer

4 lbs of temperature-regulating all-natural wool

Topped with our iconic quilted Bed of Roses fabric with a vintage pattern and luxurious feel.  

100 % organic cotton fabric available for upgrade.

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Anyone can put on white gloves and deliver.  With Harbor Springs Mattress, your bed will be delivered by our own craftsman—anywhere in the state of Michigan. We believe there is something special about making a product with your hands and delivering it yourself into people’s bedrooms. Our craftsmen never lose touch with why they are taking their time with every stitch and needle tuft. 

Of course, we also deliver anywhere in the United States. Please contact us about delivery options outside the state of Michigan.


Since 2004, we’ve done business differently, choosing the right way—not the easy way–at every turn.  We choose to hand-tuft because it makes the longest-lasting mattress which not only increases your value but also reduces landfill waste by minimizing consumer purchasing and disposal.  We only make a two-sided mattress for this very reason.  We choose materials that are as natural or organic as possible.  All of our materials (except our latex which can not be grown in the USA) is grown and/or manufactured in the United States which reduces our carbon footprint.

If we only made one bed it would be the Bed of Roses. The Bed of Roses is a mattress maker’s bed. Rory calls it his “Baby.”

Craftsman hand-tufting a luxury natural mattress at the mattress workshop of Harbor Springs Mattress Co.

Artisan Hand-Tufted

Hand-tufting is an old-world technique dating back to the 17th century.  Harbor Springs Mattress Co.beds are made by pulling tufting ribbons through the mattress, deep on the insides of the mattress.  This is done again with soft, needle-tufted rosettes on the outside of the mattress.  Our method removes the need for toxic glues or adhesives. Hand-tufting our mattresses— twice— vastly improves durability.  Hand-tufting is our labor of love and a hallmark of luxurious quality.

With over 35 years of experience behind it, the Bed of Roses is a culmination of expertise and a passion for comfort.

Comfort & Supportive? Of Course.

Our mattresses are designed with support out of the gate.  Without proper support, your back will complain and your nights will be restless.  Our resilient innerspring is 6 inches high before it is compressed and held in place with our tufting straps. This support comes up to meet your body like no other method.  Above the innerspring—on both sides— we add layer upon layer of natural fiber comfort that will adapt and conform to your body’s natural curves.  Hand-tufted comfort and hand-tufted support are what your dreams did not know they were asking for within a mattress.

Inside the Bed Of Roses Mattress

A luxurious mattress with an impressive 10 Lbs. of wool, layers of the softest cotton, and resilient latex all perfectedly inner and outer hand-tufted to our supportive innerspring.

The Bed of Roses

11 Luxurious Layers

Mirrored construction around an innerspring center with 8-10 lbs of temperature-regulating wool, 4-1” layers of pressure-relieving natural latex, and 4-1” layers of pure cotton all inner and outer hand-needle tufted for longevity and comforting support.