The Cozy Latex Mattress

All-Natural Luxury For The Whole Family.

The Cozy

The Coziest, Softest Sleep 


The Cozy luxury mattress is softness reinvented.  Improve your sleep on this all-natural latex mattress hand layered with made-in-Michigan wool to help you sleep cool in summer and snug winter.  Our wool combines with all-natural Dunlop latex for a luxuriously supportive soft mattress.   

What makes this mattress different? 

Plush, cushiony comfort and pressure-point relief make the Cozy a luxury mattress standout.


The Cozy has a suportive core of Dunlop latex, wrapped with a generous 2-inch layer of wool.  The mattress is encased in the softest organic cotton or bamboo fabric. Our natural fibers are as simple and pure as we can source.

Learn more about our natural fibers here.


Anyone can put on white gloves and deliver.  With Harbor Springs Mattress, your bed will be delivered by our craftsman—anywhere in the state of Michigan. We believe there is something special about making a product with your hands and delivering it yourself into people’s bedrooms. Our craftsmen never lose touch with why they are taking their time with every stitch and needle tuft. 

Of course, we also deliver anywhere in the United States. Please contact us about delivery options outside the state of Michigan.


Since 2004, we’ve done business differently, choosing the right way—not the easy way–at every turn.  We choose to hand-tuft because it makes the longest-lasting mattress which not only increases value, but also reduces landfill waste by minimizing consumer purchasing and disposal.  We only make a two-sided mattress for this very reason.  We choose materials that are as natural or organic as possible.  All of our materials (except our latex which can not be grown in the USA) is grown and/or manufactured in the United States which reduces our carbon footprint.


The Cozy comes with a 10-year warranty.

Picture of natural and organic latex mattress with bamboo mattress ticking made by Harbor Springs Mattress Co.

Organic Cotton, Bamboo Fabric

Experience the luxury of our soft-to-the-touch and breathable bamboo or organic cotton mattress fabric.


Inside The Cozy —A Breathable Sleep Story

Inside our Cozy Mattress is a generous layering system of Dunlop latex and wool.  Around the natural latex core, is more than twenty pounds of made-in-Michigan wool. Wool means you will sleep cool in the summer and snug in the winter without overheating.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
We have enjoyed the luxury of our hand made mattress and box springs since 2007. It is still in perfect condition and sleeps like a dream. I feel very spoiled and grateful for this mattress company and the delightful team that put it all together!
— Sharon Schurman
Luxury organic mattress called the Harbor Light Mattress from Harbor Springs Mattress Co.
Harbor LIght Natural Luxury Mattress