Do you remember when mattresses were two-sided? Two sided mattresses used to be common and they helped balance the wear and weight over time with a periodic turning of the mattress. Today, two-side mattresses are almost unheard of. The obvious downside of a one sided mattress is quicker wear. Quicker wear leads to uncomfortable sleep, a sore back and the need to replace your mattress sooner. This is one area where handcrafted mattresses often stand apart.  Harbor Springs Mattress Co. is one of the few mattress makers left in the United States still building two-sided mattresses.

Making two-sided mattresses is a critical part of Harbor Springs Mattress Co.’s specialization because they focus exclusively on making a luxurious mattress that is healthy and lasts. They make their mattresses healthy by using natural fibers.  They make their mattresses last decades longer than industry standards by making two sides of handcrafted, artisan quality.  Founder, Rory Karpathian is fond of saying; “Why buy half of a mattress?”

Two Sided Mattresses Last Longer

Handcrafting each mattress on both sides ensures quality and longevity.  Since opening in 2004, Harbor Springs Mattress Co. has decided to focus on quality over quantity. This means that every mattress is:

  • Always Two-Sided
  • Crafted one at a time upon custom order
  • Made with the healthiest natural fibers
  • Designed for unmatched durability
  • Hand-tufted for ultimate comfort and support.

The importance of a two sided mattress is that you can rotate the mattress and extend its life and comfort.   This is vital because it gives you proper support for a longer period of time so your back has proper alignment.

Imagine slipping into luxurious comfortable sleep that was tailor made just for you.

Harbor Springs Mattress Co.’s luxury handcrafted mattresses are surprisingly affordable.  Founder, Rory Karpathian says; “We keep our mattresses affordable because we keep overhead low by not mass-producing and make each mattress locally in our Harbor Springs, Michigan workshop.”  Harbor Springs Mattress Co.’s two-sided mattresses last decades and range from $950 to $4,540.  Call now, and within a few  short weeks your custom luxury bed will be calling you. View more information on our materials and handcrafting process here.

March 15, 2021 — Darlene Charlebois